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6th B Science Fiction Stories

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Laika, my new friend by Bianca M.

I was in the space, I did not know exactly where.  Everything was black there, except for the millions and millions of stars.   I was looking at Mars when suddenly I saw something strange.  There was another spaceship and through the window I saw a beautiful brown and white dog.

I put on my spacesuit, got off the spaceship and tied it up.   I got on the other spaceship and she came to me, so I could see her identification card which said Laika.  I couldn´t believe it.  She was the dog sent by the Russians.  I made contact with the NASA and asked them if I could take Laika with me.  As they agreed I took the dog and left her spaceship in the middle of the space.

My mission was to go to the moon and take a rock to examine if there was something interesting.  We landed, steeped on the moon and took a piece of it.  Then, we fainted.

When we woke up, some strange creatures were in front of us.  When Laika bit them, we realized they were other astronauts.

At the beginning we were afraid, but then we returned to the NASA all together in my spaceship.





Visiting Crab Nebula by Manuel R.


We were all really nervous because of blast off, the spaceship was huge.

In space we were heading for Crab Nebula. It took us 67 days to get there.  During those days, we saw strange things like light on planets and other spaceships with odd shapes. 

When we got there, we prepared everything to go into space: our spacesuits, the food supplies, extra oxygen and a walkie talkie each of us in case of an emergency, like aliens or a birth of a star.

Each of us went in different directions.  Five minutes later Tom called us, he had found a dying star.

All my friends found something except me. When I was going back to the spaceship, a UFO captured me and showed me a new star.

My friends were worried after some time.

Finally, I arrived to the spaceship and when they saw me getting off the UFO they almost fainted.

We came back home and we were received as heroes.





“The Comet Halley”  by Ignacio V.

In 1947  I was studying the beautiful and amazing Comet Halley.  I had to travel to all the planet to find it.  I once saw a light and I thought it was the Comet but I was wrong.  It was a UFO.  It was coming towards me very fast .  It was going to crash into my spaceship when suddenly it stopped.  An alien was inside and he said to me: “Go to Jupiter, I will be ther to talk to you”.  That moment was amazing for me. I went to Jupiter and I found him.  He asked me what I wanted and I said I wanted to know where the Comet Halley was.  He guided me to the planet where the Comet was and two minutes later I could see it, it was there crossing not too fast.  Later the Comet stopped in the sky and got close to me.  I was shocked as I couldn´t believe the Comet was Halley was 60 cm away from me.  The Comet Halley was carved with a phrase I couldn´t decode .  I made contact with the NASA immediately and they were surprised too! Some people believed me but some others did not. 

Inside the Comet Halley, aliens lived.




“The Dream” by Florencia D. 

I like the Air so much, that I decided to make a flight.  I was very happy in a beautiful and modern plane.

-         “Are you ready?” asked the pilot

-         “Yes, I am ready” I said

So the pilot pushed me.  I tried to open the parachute but it didn´t open! I was desperate because I knew that in a few minutes I was going to die.

I didn´t know how to express that feeling because an inexplicable situation.

I saw something in the sky, then it disappeared … and it appeared again… when a sticky hand caught me.  I fell asleep.

When I woke up I was in a strange and modern UFO!

An alien touched me so we got off the UFO and I saw something strange.  It was another civilization.  I took my camera and started taking pictures.

After I had finished the Alien took me back to the UFO; we came back to Earth and we landed in the forest because the Aliens didn´t want to be seen.

I went home.  When my family saw me they were all very happy.

I showed them the photographs I had taken in the NASA so they were very excited too….

-         “wake up” someone said

-         “Oh no” I said 

All that perfect life had been a dream!

The strange thing was that while I was getting dressed I saw the pile of photographs on my night table.



The Strange Planet by Maite G. U. 

It was January 11th, 1987.  Raian and his copilot Laira were in the NASA having a break because they had arrived from a mission when they were suddenly called to another one.

They went running to the central station to see what had happened.  The commander in chief told them that they had to go to Mars.  They got ready and went to the spaceship, some minutes later they were ready to take off.

In the middle of the trip, they realized they had low fuel so they had to redirect the spaceship and land on another planet.  When they entered into the atmosphere the engine went off.  Although they had enough fuel to land they crashed into the surface of the strange planet.  They got off and were very surprised as they saw a big civilization of aliens!  They tried to walk to the center of the city but some aliens caught them and took them to the Master.   When they saw him they were shocked as  the Master was huge, he was bigger as a cruiser!  The small aliens bowed at him.  They didn´t know what to do so they copied the aliens.  The Master spoke in a strange language and they obeyed him.  The aliens took Raian and Laira to a prison.   The astronauts were so desperate that they tried to escape.   They ran towards the spaceship while a lot of aliens followed them; but they could fortunately escape.

When they took off they were relaxed.  They arrived at the NASA as survivors.

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