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6th B Mystery Stories

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A strange monster


      It was a stormy day, the wind blew strongly and the trees moved as if they were going to fall. Sarah and her friend Lily were watching TV when, suddenly, something terrible happened.

       Sarah went to the kitchen to get some snacks. Suddenly she heard her friend shouting, so she went running to see what had happened, but Lily said that she was  only scared of the movie she was watching. Sarah told her friend not to shout so loudly because from the kitchen it seemed she had seen something horrible but not on TV. Lily felt sorry and turned over the channel. Sarah went to the kitchen again to continue preparing the snacks.

       It was midnight and the girls went on watching TV. But, suddenly, they heard someone knocking at the door. They were very scared but when they saw who knocked at the door, that person had already gone. They were a little bit frightened, but decided to go on watching their favourite programme.

       A strange thing entered in the house when the girls had gone upstairs. Lily started shouting when she saw IT ; Sarah turned round and also saw that thing… “It is a monster!” they shouted and ran. They hid inside a wardrobe and waited for some minutes. After the monster had left, the girls saw a seaweed on the floor.

       The friends decided to do something to scare the monster. Lily said that they could throw water to it, Sarah accepted and went to look for a bowl. When the monster was getting close to them, they threw the water. The seaweeds fell and…”OH,NO!”, they said. The seaweeds fell and Sarah’s father appeared! His father worked in the town harbour.

Maite G. U.

The deathly murders


        Some years ago in Virginia USA there were many deaths which were unsolved. But my friend and I wanted to investigate.

       We started in Jacksonville where the murders had begun. It was near a roller-coaster from an amusement park. Ramiro wanted to take round-the-world-trip but I said no. He finally convinced me. In the middle and on top of it, we realized that there was no trail; luckily there were a lot of mattresses piled up so we fell there.

       I went to ask the owner of the park why the trail was broken meanwhile Ramiro went in search of clues. He found a wrench with a name written on it, Tom Hyde. We figured out that he was the murderer and the one that almost killed us.

       The owner told me that strange things were happening since the first death that was of her daughter. He wanted to take the man to justice. With us looking for him he was a dead duck. We looked and looked, searched and searched for him.

       Finally, we caught the man who had all the people there alive, they weren’t dead. He told the police he only wanted to buy the park, so he had to scare the people and after some days he would let everyone go. The man went to jail and Ramiro and I went back home.


Manuel R.



       Shouts, cold and monsters. Sarah woke up, was frightened and alarmed. The girl didn’t understand what had happened the night before because she went to bed and appeared in a horrible place.

       Sarah decided to walk to explore and look for an exit. The girl saw a big box like a coffin. There she saw a big diamond as red as blood on its lid. As the diamond was sparkling, the girl decided to take it.

       A loud noise was heard. Sarah didn’t care much and went on walking. Later, she felt as someone was following and watching her. The girl started to run as fast as she could; suddenly she stood in front of the coffin she had seen before. But it was different now… it was open. Sarah was standing there terrified with her eyes really open and  her wet hands. She could not believe it. The girl sat down and saw bones, but they weren’t like human ones; those bones were really different.

       Sarah decided to run as fast as she could to look for an exit. The silence was incredible, only her breathing could be heard. Suddenly, she heard footsteps. A second later, the girl saw a skeleton and a zombie like Frankenstein.  The surprised scared her a lot as she was shivering with fear.

       After some minutes, someone laughed and said “Stop!!!!!”. Sarah couldn’t believe what was happening. A director was shooting a movie and she was the main character, but nobody had told Sarah about this. And the worst of all was that Frankenstein  and the skeleton were robots from the ghost train.


Zofía Z.


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