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5th B "Mr Hyde´s Diary"

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Literary work. Full authentic English Classics don’t match kids? Come on give it a try!

This year, in Literature, 5th formers read “The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”. It was really a challenge, for they read the original version, the one written by Stevenson himself.

I must confess that at the beginning I though it hadn’t been “the prefect choice” but my students have fulfilled all my expectations, and even more. To my surprise, they seemed very interested in the story and never complained about the difficult words it has or the lack of drawings. That’s why I want to congratulate all of them and share with you some tasks the students did. I really hope you enjoy them!

Ladies and Gentlemen: “Welcome to the dark, sinister, mysterious and obscure world of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde!!”

Miss Gabriela




July 5th


Dear diary,

 Today my dark side – “Mr Hyde” -stepped on a girl. I had to give a cheque to the girl’s family.


July 15th

Today Mr Hyde killed Sir Danvers Carew. I hope no one saw me. I am worried because if the police discovers that Mr. Hyde killed Sir Danvers Carew he is going to go to prison. The policemen are checking Dr Jekyll and all the people are going to know my secret.

By Facundo C.





Dear  Diary,

I am happy to kill people and I loved killing Mr Carew. I am sure that I am going to prison. If I go to prison I will kill the policemen and save the prisoners… I enjoyed stepping on a girl!

By Tomas S.






July 7th


I stepped on a girl. I am very sorry. I killed many people like Sir Danvers Carew and no one saw me.



Tomorrow I am going to kill Dr Jekyll. I am going to go to prison.



I love killing people.

Anonymous writer.



Dear Diary,

I killed Mr Carew. I stepped on a girl and I have to drink a medicine to be Mr Hyde during my whole life.. I stepped on a girl. I hate Utterson and Lanyon. Nobody can find me.

By Lola S.




Dear diary,

Today I killed Sir Carew with a walking stick. I hope no one saw me! Now I have to plan Mr Utterson’s death. I think I will send a letter to a friend or a relative to tell them to prepare a funeral.

By Maria D. and Coni P. F.




I killed many people and this makes me proud! When I stepped on the girl I felt very well. I am planning Sir Danvers Carew’s funeral.

I am going to send a note to Mr Utterson. He is going to plan all the funeral! Now I am going to kill Henry Jekyll. HAHAHAHAHA

 By Axel I.



Dear diary,

I am so happy because I killed Mr Carew!!!   I feel powerful.  I feel pain in my hands.  I know that somebody is looking for me.  I think he is called "Utterson"

I need more drug to be Hyde for ever. I need pure medicine, but the pharmacy gave me an impure one.

By Cami B, Maite A, Agus

Dear diary,

Today I stepped on a girl.  I felt very happy but I had to pay to the girl´s family.Last night I killed Mr Carew while he was asking me for directions. I killed him with a walking stick. He didn’t give me any option. I hope nobody saw me.I can’t get rid of Mr Utterson. He is driving me crazy!!!!I need the medicine. I don’t want to be Jekyll anymore.I need to be Mr Hyde. 

By Sofia R. and Rosario Ha.

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