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5th B "Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde" Poems

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This year...
...We read the book Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde!!! 
It has a mysterious plot. Mr.. Hyde was a detestable person and Dr. Jekyll was a little bit strange. Mr. Utterson and Enfield were cousins. Mr. Hyde killed Mr. Carew.
Mr. Guest analyzed the handwriting.
One day Mr. Enfield told a real story to Mr. Utterson.
He saw Mr. Hyde stepping on a girl without mercy.
So he had to pay 100 pounds and a cheque
Then he went to a dark door with the cheque.
But it was signed by Dr ,Jekyll !!!!!!!!!
So Mr. Utterson wanted to find him and so he did.
They met and Mr. Hyde was very aggressive.
Mr. Utterson read Dr. Jekyll´s will and  it said:
That if he died all his possessions would go to Mr. Hyde.
Dr. Jekyll gave a party and Utterson talked to him about the will.
But he didn’t want to talk about it. 
One year later Hyde killed Carew and he escaped.
Dr. Jekyll received a letter from Hyde and Mr. Guest compared the handwriting.
They were similar.
Laynon died he had a note to Mr. Utterson but he couldn’t open it until Jekyll died.
Jekyll became strange and he stayed in the lab. Utterson and Poole entered  the lab they saw a medicine .
Mr. Utterson opened the letter and he could see that Jekyll was asking for a medicine which had to be pure not impure as the one he was given..
Really Hyde and Jekyll were the same person.
By  : Camila B  and Maia O. S.


Mr. Hyde’s poem
by Facundo and Gian Marco
I am  a creature of the night
And I have a good side
I like to kill people
But no so much.
I change my voice
Like a owl and my self
I do what I like but…
I change my mind.
I am Mr Hyde
I am a creature of the night
I live alone in the night
and I kill the way I like
I live alone with the creatures of the night
I have the "will" to
by Axel I.
You help me to play my role
And to forget my voice
To have a self control
And live on my own.
I am a creature of the night
And my name is Mr.Hyde
I do as I like
According to my mind.
I like eating ostrich pie
In the night
But I don’t understand why
It was that price .
In the night, writing something
I didn’t understand “nothing”
But I know the medicine which was said “pure”
Was impure.
By: Agustina M., Camila B. y Constanza P.
Mr. Hyde’s poem
My name is Mr. Hyde,
I am a creature of the night.
I kill people because I like
And I never stop myself to wonder why.
By Rosario H.
I’m bad, and I ´m Hyde
I ´m a creature of the night
And my name is Mr. Hyde
I will try to kill you all
And you will die,
I don’t know why.
                By  Sofia R.
Mr. Hyde
I want to kill
Mr. Carew
I will do
I will do
I am Mr. Hyde,
Split personality
I have
I am very bad.
              Lola S.



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